Sonic Past Music is proud to announce a new release, Little Johnny Coconut – I Love Sunshine Pop by Sandy Salisbury.

Sandy Salisbury, aka Graham Salisbury, was a major rocker in the 60′s. He performed on many hit recordings, such as the Association, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Tommy Roe and many others. Today he is among the most recognized writers of books for young readers, with fourteen best sellers and over a million books sold. The CD I Love Sunshine Pop is tied to a character in his “Calvin Coconut” series, and provides the music that will be a major part of the next few book releases. The artist is none other than Calvin Coconut’s father, “Little Johnny Coconut.”The songs on Little Johnny’s CD were written by Sandy (Graham), and are certain to please anyone in the 9 to 90 demographic. Enjoy!


Graham “Sandy” Salisbury was born in Philadalephia and grew up in Hawaii. He was a songwriter and musician in the late 1960s, and is best known for his association with Curt Boettcher. He was a member of Boettcher’s groups The Millennium and Sagittarius, as well as an earlier group called The Ballroom, before attempting a solo career of his own (with Boettcher producing) as an artist on Gary Usher‘s Together Records label. Today, Graham is a noted author of children’s books.